Oncogenes and Cancer

Retroviruses can take up cellular genes, which are modified to become oncogenes and cause cancer in animals. Such oncogenes were the bases for cancer research for several decades. We used a universal approach to isolate and characterize oncogene proteins with a monoclonal antibody against a fusion protein linked to viral oncoproteins. By this approach we isolated and characterized the Myc protein as nuclear transcription factor, Myb, ErbB and the Raf kinase. Raf kinase was a focus of research, most importantly a cross-talk with the Akt kinase, led to novel results, indicating that Raf is not only active in growth promotion but also in differentiation. Furthermore we studied oncogenes like Tax, Bcr-Abl, telomerase, and most recently Src. We showed that a single point mutation at the very C-terminus of Src leads to metastasis formation due to loss of binding to a tumor suppressor PDZ protein.

Publications about oncogenes and cancer

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