2007 – 2014


  • Silencing of HIV by a hairpin-loop DNA (“siDNA”) (Moelling et al. 2010) – PDF
  • Suicide of HIV by RNase H and “siDNA” (Moelling et al. 2010) – PDF
  • Selbstmord von HIV mit Haarnadel und Schere (Moelling 2008) – PDF
  • Small dsDNAs inhibit HIV, HCV, HSV, BKV, Influenza and Cancer (Moelling 2010) – PDF
  • RNases H Poster Moelling et al. 2008 (Moelling 2008) –  PDF
  • siDNA silencing of viruses (Kwok and Moelling 2009) – PDF


  • Small dsDNAs inhibit HIV, HCV, HSV, Influenza and Cancer (Moelling et al. 2010) – PDF
  • siDNA silencing of viruses (Kwok and Moelling 2010) – PDF
  • Transcriptional regulation of three genes, C4, DAP3 and PKIB by antisense-oriented intronic endogenous retroviruses (Bröcker et al. 2010) – PDF
  • Evolution of viruses antiviral defense (Moelling 2010)  – PDF (3 Seiten)
  • Inhibition of Semliki Forest Virus Replication by the Interferon System Kinases (Deuber et al. 2006) – PDF
  • Structure-based discovery of new influenza neuraminidase inhibitors (Tan et al. 2007) – PDF
  • Development of a DNA vaccine against SARS-CoV (Oberle et al. 2006) – PDF

 Kinases and Cancer

  • 20 years of Raf kinase (Moelling 2010) – PDF
  • The C-terminal PDZ ligand sequence GENL restricts the metastatic potential of c-Src in non-transformed human breast epithelial cells (Baumgartner et al. 2008) – PDF
  • WD-repeat FYVE protein interacts with the Akt kinase and promotes adipogenesis (Fritzius et al. 2008) – PDF
  • MAPKKK6 is a negative regulator of apoptosis (Ortner et al. 2007) – PDF
  • Negative regulation of c-Src by binding to the PDZ domain of AF-6 (Radziwill et al. 2007) – PDF
  • RIP2 mediates LPS-induced IL-12 p40 production in human monocyte-derived dendritic cells (Usluoglu et al. 2007) – PDF
  • Anti-proliferative signalling of protein kinases (Radzwill et al. 2008) – PDF
  • The scaffold protein CNK1 in Raf-dependent signalling II (Fritz et al. 2008) – PDF
  • Identification of LNX as a novel Src-interacting protein (Weiss et al. 2008) – PDF

PDZ proteins

  • The scaffold protein CNK1 in Raf-dependent signalling I (Ziogas et al. 2007) – PDF
  • AF6 preserves the continuity of epithelial cell sheets during wound closure by stabilizing cell adhesion through its interaction with actin cytoskeleton (Lorger et al. 2010) – PDF

Gene therapy

  • Synergistic antitumor activity elicited by vaccination with the chemokine CCL21 in combination with IL-12-encoding plasmid DNA in vivo (Elzaouk et al. 2010) – PDF